The Wild & Awake path of studying the Wheel of The Year will align you with the natural rhythms of the Earth in relation to the Elements, Directions, Sun, Moon, and the Cosmos. Students of this practice desire to know the world and beyond more intimately. 


By aligning with Nature, you will come home to your natural disposition. One that is whole, peaceful, infinite, and divine. Everything around you is connected. There is no separation. Each breath in and out of your sacred body carries a vibration that pulses with the natural world around you. 


When we purify our mind and body with thoughtful and intentional natural living, we contribute positively and generatively to the microcosm (our families, communities, and the like) and the macrocosm (the greater world and beyond). We begin to understand that our choices and actions have a direct impact on the world around us. Your breath matters. The breath of your brothers and sisters matter. The breath of the animals, plants, and trees matter. 


By studying elements of our human experience, our words, relationships, bodies, etc., we come back to the knowing that we all come from the same place. Each of us begins life in the womb of a Mother. Our birth is orchestrated by the Divine when our soul chooses the vessel in which it will carry out it’s human experience. How magnificent! A human existence is extraordinary, one that is full of birth and death, equal in felt astonishment, pleasure, and pain. We get one life in this body. To study your human experience and how you interact with the world around you is to fully live. Understanding that you can do this and thrive, connected, joyful, inspired, and sensually intelligent, is the path of a Wild & Awake student. 


Let’s study together. Let’s live and love the light and the dark out of this beautiful life.