In a world that is forever throwing up obstacles, challenges, and experiences to cultivate growth and evolution of our higher consciousness, Astrology and Tarot can be used as a tool to dive into further depth and meaning of these individual opportunities to grow. Our Collective here at House of AUM has experienced immense gifts and grace from exploring these paths and it is an honor and pleasure to provide these services to you.

Thirty Minutes $40 – $50
Sixty Minutes $60 – $85

*rates vary with readers

Astrology is a cosmic science and a valuable tool. It is a personal spiritual reading and offering to individuals seeking guidance. This consists first of a Natal Chart reading, followed by a transit reading, and concluded with insight, guidance, and subconscious work. You will leave with a better understanding of yourself and your purpose.

Tarot, like Astrology, is a beautiful gift from Spirit. Looking at a tarot spread can provide clarity, guidance and fresh perspective. It is an opportunity to peel back the layers of what you seek and look at it with a different lens. Your reader will provide insight and guidance through interpreting the cards’ symbols and meaning.

Please call or email to make your appointment