Massage Therapy

60/90/120 minutes $80 – $185
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Hot Stone, Intuitive, CBD Oil, Thai Yoga Massage, Couples
Enjoy a full body, blissful experience in one of our three relaxing treatment rooms. Your experienced, licensed massage therapist will provide you with the body the gift of healing touch, helping to melt away tension, dissolving stress, increasing peace, clarity, health and happiness.

Ayurvedic Detox Massage

w/Abby Parker
60 mins $85
90 mins $130

Enjoy a warm oil massage & full body scrub with the Acorus Calamus root powder, one
of Ayurveda’s top ten herbal medicines.

Benefits of Calamus:

Improves circulation of blood, lymph & urinary systems, strengthens immunity, promotes
removal of toxins and impurities in tissue, balances Vata (anti-aging), soothes nervous
system, promotes skin cell regeneration through exfoliation, helps balance mood & depression.

Relaxation Facial

~ 60/90 minutes $85 – $130

Using high quality, plant based products, your experienced Esthetician will provide a relaxing and nurturing facial experience complete with a scalp, shoulder, and foot massage. You’ll leave feeling peacefully invigorated.


~ Bikini, Brazilian, Back ~
$40 – $75

Eyebrow Tint

~ $20

Frequency Healing/ Reiki & Intuitive Energy Work

30/60 minutes $45-$75

Intuition, compassion, and divine guidance create a beautifully individualized healing session. Contact may include a creative and intuitively guided integration of Reiki, Pranic Healing, and other vibrational modalities.

Planetary Sound Healing

with Abby Parker

60/90/120 minutes ~ $85 – $255

Embody your Cosmic Vibration with Planetary Singing Bowl Sound Healing.
Planetary Singing Bowls assist in life transformations, deep intrapersonal processes,
movement of stagnant or blocked energy, as well as a creation of nourishment & ease
in one’s Body, Mind & Spirit.

With roots in Anthroposophic & Homeopathic Medicine treating ‘like with like’, Planetary Sound Healing creates natural harmony:

~ As our bodies are Microcosms of the Universe, we need only re-align our Vibration to that of the Cosmos to restore health & healing of bodily systems. ~

5 Planetary Treatments:

~ Detoxification ~
This treatment is activating inner purification processes of physical and subtle
bodies. Detoxification is the Mother of all Healing. The treatment is especially beneficial
for all those lacking energy and joy.

60 mins $85

~ Crisis as Potential ~
All crisis situations in life bear great potentials to personal growth. The treatment is to be
applied during personal crisis as it reduces stress and fosters interest towards reflection
and positive change.
90 mins $130

~ Elixir of Life ~
A wonderfully rejuvenating treatment. This treatment is strengthening the entire
condition and produces long life. The treatment should be repeated several times over 3
days to enhance the effect.

60 mins $85

~ Libido/Fertility ~
A treatment to improve female libido and fertility by realigning the female to the moon
rhythms. It is activating the female reproductive vitality naturally. A cycle of three
applications is recommended.
60 mins $85

~ Moon Cycle ~
A treatment to support women with pre-menstrual syndrome by relaxation and
realigning the Aura to the synodic moon rhythm. A way to get through the difficult days of the month by providing pain relief and is gradually leading to a normalization of menstrual cycle.
Full: 120 mins $170
Half: 60 mins $85

Couple’s Planetary Sound Healing
Align your cosmic vibration with a loved one, family or friend. Custom tailored to each
couple. Please arrive 15 mins prior to your session for a consultation.

60 mins $170
90 mins $255

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