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Circle Work & Ritual Training for Yoga Instructors

 Nov 27th - Dec 2nd

Cabin 108 in Fenwick, MI

Join Melissa Herzog for a 5 night, 4 day retreat and training experience in central Michigan. This training is geared towards those who teach yoga that desire to also lead intentional moon circles and rituals. Following the Wheel of the Year, you will learn how to incorporate the current astrology ~ seasonal, sun, and moon phases into your offerings. We’ll cover the sacred agreements of an intentional circle, how to effectively lead and direct the energy present, and how to theme each circle around the current astrology. Additionally, we’ll dive deep into the chakra system and learn how studying the five elements, seasons, and archetypes can amplify the Nature spirituality aspects of a ritual and circle. We’ll learn how to use tools such as crystals, oracle, tarot, poetry, guided meditation, journaling, and art to design a themed circle. We’ll also briefly cover the yoga asana that corresponds to the chakras, seasons, and elements connecting your yoga training to circle work.


This training will take place on 108 private acres in the central part of Michigan. Accommodations, training, and dinner are included in the price. Students will be responsible for providing their own breakfast and lunch. Our time spent together will be structured and intentional. Each student will receive an instructor guidebook that will include all training materials to confidently support you while leading rituals and circles.


Please plan for a 4 pm arrival time on Saturday, November 27th. Accommodations are dormitory style with an open floor plan that includes 2 single beds and 2 bunk beds. There are also (2) private rooms with large beds for an additional fee.  All bedding and towels will be provided. Quiet hours will be held daily, 10 pm - 6 am. We’ll begin training each day at 8 am.


Please pack food using as little single use plastic as possible. We do not have onsite recycling at the cabin. Students will be responsible for taking home any recyclables that they bring. We strongly suggest a clean, minimally processed diet while training. All dinners will be vegetarian with gluten & dairy free options available. Prior to the retreat, please communicate any allergies or food sensitivities. There will be no alcohol allowed. While we will plan to study our butts off, we’ll also have processing time that will include enjoying the abundant Nature all around. There is a private lake, hiking trails, and a huge deck for your enjoyment during our stay.


Please pack the following:


Tennis shoes and slippers

4 yoga outfits

Sweatshirt & coat

Notebook & pen


Colored pencils or pens

Reusable tea/coffee mug & water bottle (water/coffee/tea will be provided)


Casual, comfortable clothes for when we aren’t training

One dressy outfit for our closing ceremony

Phone charger



All yoga props will be provided including Manduka mats, bolsters, and one blanket.


Space is limited to 8 Women


Registration ends October 29th. There must be a minimum of four signed up.

*This training compliments the “Yoga Training for Ritual & Circle Work” offered in September.


This retreat is part of the School of Wild Wisdom 300 hr curriculum and banks 40 hrs towards your 300 hr certification.


Departure Time: 11 am Thursday, December 2nd

Investment: $1300 (Dormitory)

 $1500 (Private Room)

REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY: A refund less 20% will be issued only for cancellations prior to October 29th. There will be no refunds after October 29th, instead, students will receive a credit that can be used for any AUM workshop, class, and training.