The Story that wants to be told...

Wild & Awake is a movement. 


It’s a call to those who are woke or awakening, to align with the Wheel of the Year, Nature, the Five Elements, the Four Directions, the Guide Within and so much more. 


Through exploration of our deepest selves, we will uncover this deeply fulfilling way of co-existing and collaborating with the natural world around us. You will remember how deeply connected, highly intuitive, and gifted you really are.


There are so many opportunities to share your light, and your love, with the world around you. This call is for everyone who is ready to step into their most brilliant way of living.





~The Seeker~

This commitment will give you access to the monthly full moon circle 


(auto-deduct, no commitment, cancel anytime)


~The Lion~

This commitment will give you access to the monthly full moon circle, weekly self guided work, and one weekly movement practice


(auto-deduct, no commitment, cancel anytime)


~The Ram~

This commitment will give you access to the monthly full moon circle, weekly self guided work, one weekly movement practice, and one monthly breakout circle with Melissa and seven other like minded humans to complete our circle of 8

(24 spots total)



(minimum 3 month commitment)


High Priestess

~The High Priestess~

This commitment will give you access to the monthly full moon circle, weekly self guided work, two weekly movement practices, and two 1:1 (60) minute monthly mentorship Zoom calls with Melissa (8 spots)


                   (minimum 6 month commitment)

   ~Blessings & Acknowledgements~ 


I felt so inadequate and broken. Yoga gave me hope. You gave me hope ~ that I can do this, that a dream with continued hard work and devotion really can be a reality. What you do, who you are, changes lives and has changed mine ~ and will most certainly continue to do so. ~ Robin, Licensed Social Worker & Yogini

Danielle Dulsky

Melissa’s teaching gives a nod to the primal feminine in us all. Her offerings combine organic movement with creative work in a way that makes her students reconsider their old and outmoded patterns, coming home to themselves at long last through writing, sharing, dance, and ceremony. In short, the world needs more teachers like Melissa, who inspire both positive social change as well as an embrace of what is at once ancient and sacred.  ~ Author, Teacher, Creatrix of The Hag School

Sarah Beth

 The tools I've been gifted with during this past year have been powerful and purposeful. 

I have been able to tap into my own guidance in ways that I’ve never done before. 

I have been able to witness my own rebirth/remembering/RISE - and there are no words for the gratitude that I have for these gifts. As I shed the layers of trauma, conditioning, and fear, I replace them with the armor of the wild and awake woman. I stand today a changed woman, one aware of her own gifts, connection, intuition, and power. 

 I have reconnected to my peace, purpose, and power. I AM. I stand with HER. This is the RISE. Will you RISE with me? 

~Acupuncturist, Spiritual Alchemist, Wild Woman Project Circle Facilitator


Your encouragement of us finding our true voice and path is invaluable beyond all measure. To be accepted as we are, flaws and all, to heal, and to heal others, these lessons will never leave me .You are a force for all that is good. ~ Sarah Artist, Yogini, Librarian


Thank you for being our trusted, beautiful guide through the spheres and back ~ your teachings have transformed us all, giving us beautiful space to relax and ease back into our bodies. I have deeply changed since working with you, dancing in rhythm with you and the collective. ~ Abby, Sound Healer, Yogini, Registered Nurse, Reiki Practitioner


“I cannot thank you enough for holding the space and guiding me to a place that helps me feel alive again. I literally feel like parts of me that died are awakening and it feels good. You awe me with your ambition, fire, and ability to birth and mother so much goodness you’ve brought into the world”. ~ Kelly, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner