Wild & Awake

Wild Feminine Leadership Training  


What does it mean to be Wild? What does it mean to be Awake? Both of these concepts will be deeply explored through studying our human behavior and how intimately connected we are to the natural world around us. We’ll do this by circling up and peeling back the layers to discover hidden, lost, or muted parts of ourselves. Plan on nine months of self and group study. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect, storytell, and gain new insight and understanding on current and previous chapters of your life. You’ll create amongst yourself and others, a deeply rewarding, healing, and empowering opportunity.

The (8) women that answer this call will set the tone for our experience together. Your vulnerability, wisdom, and willingness to show up and do the work will be everything. We’ll study the empowered archetype of the Wild Woman. We’ll learn of her nature and how she lives through us by studying our connection to the cycle of life otherwise known as the Wheel of the Year. Ultimately, we will be aligning our lives with the “Wild Woman” inside of us and the cycling of the seasons, moon, sun, and more. It’s a deeply rewarding path for those born with a wild seeker’s heart. You have so much wisdom inside of you. Should you answer the call, know that your presence will be a gift to me and each of the other women in the circle. When we study and share intimate aspects of ourselves with each other, we strengthen and reinforce the power of women holding space for each other. It’s undeniably magick. By witnessing each other’s healing and reclamation of power, we begin to stand firmly in who we are and why we’re here.




(3) Seasonal Sessions/ (1) Retreat 

Autumn: October 11th-15th  from 8:00am-5:30pm

Winter: January 10th-14th from 8:00am-5:30pm

Spring: March 28th-April 1st from 8:00am-5:30pm

Summer Retreat & Final Ceremony: June 9th-13th (arrive 3pm Thursday, departure 11am Monday)


Program Details 


We will begin with an intention circle setting the tone for our day- we’ll practice yoga asana daily while studying the Wild Feminine curriculum​. Lunch breaks will be 45-60 mins in length and each day will close with a short circle to share and witness.


We recommend taking a break from extracurriculars during training weeks so that you have your evening free to process and rest. Each of these (3) sessions will all have the same flow but will be very different energetically. We will  close our (9) months of seasonal study time with a retreat that will be full of wild pleasure, gratitude, and communion with each other. It will be epic!


You will experience and gain tools that are rooted in yoga, nature spirituality, astrology and metaphysics. You’ll have a better understanding of the Wheel of the Year, the chakra system, the body as a whole in relation to yoga and spiritual health. You’ll explore your most heartfelt desires and implement powerful healing through sisterhood, self inquiry, journaling, pathworking and creative writing. We’ll experience, take part in, and facilitate artistic expression daily- spell jars, ritual crafting, divination, oracle readings, candle magick, manifestation collages, dance, music, and more. 


Each student will receive a seasonal and monthly Wild & Awake reference guide that will highlight the basics of our time together and the space in between our seasonal trainings. We’ll stay connected for the entire journey and have biweekly accountability partners to support us. The bond that we will build with each other has its own energy and is part of the mystery until it is revealed through our collective time spent sharing, healing, laughing, praying, eating, studying, and playing together. If you have been seeking deep spiritual communion with your own soul and are willingly ready to play “The Fool”, I invite you to take a running leap and join me. I promise you that I will show up Wild & Awake with you, walking alongside you, as you move through both the shadow and the light. The wild feminine path is full of both heartfelt pain and pleasure. There’s ecstasy and growth in both. Are you ready to begin?

All women interested in this program must complete a one-on-one interview with Melissa, ensuring

that the intention of the circle is met. To begin, e-mail us below. 



Registration deadline ~ September 1st, 2021

Early Bird, Paid in Full (registered by July 1st)


Payment Plan & Registration after July 1st

$4000 ($1000 deposit required to hold your place)

Payment Plans to be broken down in increments and timetables to fit your budget. In some cases trades are available.

Inquire by e-mail to collaborate on developing your path to making this training financially accessible. 

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