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200 Hour Foundational Program 


Yoga Teacher Training can feel more aligned, academic, professional, and accessible, we know, and we’re ready to offer the best in Yoga and Healing Arts. Through so much experience and exploration we are proud to introduce a new way to study Yoga and train Yoga teachers. Our Foundational Yoga Teacher Training program is written and directed by Tara Powers CYT-500 (E-RYT 500 divested*) the only Yoga teacher in Ohio who’s material holds a license with the Ohio Department of Education. With thousands of hours of teaching, teacher training and practice, coupled with the incomparable environment only House of AUM provides, along with our supporting faculty we are so excited to lead you into the best in Yoga academics and experience. 


The Concept


You train at a pace over 14 months through short weekend sessions. Some of the material will be offered more than once in 2021-2022, so you'll have opportunity to craft your schedule and better fit your personal needs to meet certification requirements. Each session counts toward a curriculum accumulation- ultimately resulting in 180 hours of contact learning and 20 hours of self-study (home practice, meditation, writing assignments, reading, crafting, etc.).


All foundational courses are required to earn certification, and there will be opportunity to participate in specialized advanced weekends.



Weekend trainings take place Saturday-Sunday from 11am-6pm

Weekend Training Dates:

August 21st-22nd 2021

-What is Yoga?-


September 18th-19th 2021

-Pranayama -


October 16th-17th 2021


(bones-muscles-connective tissue-lower body)


November 13th-14th 2021


(upper body)

December 11th-12th 2021

-Basics of Cueing-

January 22nd-23rd 2022


February 19th-20th 2022


March 19th-20th 2022

-Yoga History-

-Subtle Anatomy-

April 23rd-24th 2022

-Prop Clinic-

May 14th-15th 2022

-Prop Clinic-

June 11th-12th 2022

-Prop Clinic-

July 16th-17th 2022

-Adjustments & Assists-

August 20th-21st 2022

-Adjustments & Assists-

September 17th-18th 2022

-The Business of Yoga-

-Closing Ceremony-

Course Description


The sessions build upon one another or stand alone as refreshers or prerequisites for 300 hour material. If you wish to take the Foundational courses individually without commitment to the entire 200 hr. program, you can register for them HERE.


Either way, the 3-4 hour courses are each curated & focused on specific topics, building from one session to another but relevant as stand alone study and practice sessions. Modules include Pranayama, Meditation, Anatomy, Cueing, Sequencing, Yoga History, Subtle Anatomy, Using Props, Adjustments & Assists, and the Business of Yoga. 

If you have interest in the 200 hr. Foundational Program, e-mail us with any questions you may have. 



Payment Plans will require a $1000 deposit. 

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