Wild Wisdom 

300 Hour Embodiment 

Nature Spirituality & Feminine Leadership Courses


Students of this wild feminine, nature spirituality school will acquire the knowledge and skills to live their most empowered lives. Through consistent and intentional self study, you’ll learn the tools of manifestation, healing, compassion, and transformation. These tools are powerful agitators and change makers, meant to break up unbalanced, inequitable, and negative ways of thinking, living, and projecting. The experiences in this collection of workshops and trainings are for those who wish to live a more aligned, wild, and awake life, free from the boxes and constraints of a society that has oppressed our feminine nature for centuries. This does not mean that you have to identify as a woman to take these modules. What it does mean is that you acknowledge that humans possess both masculine and feminine qualities and that to live in balance one must study both. It’s yin and yang, shadow and light, moon and sun, duality, and polarity. 


When we study and purify our mind and body with thoughtful, intentional, and natural living, we contribute positively and generatively to the microcosm (our families, communities, and the like) and the macrocosm (the greater world and beyond). We begin to understand that our choices and actions have a direct impact on the world around us. Your breath matters. The breath of all brothers and sisters matter. The breath of the animals, plants, and trees matter. 


The feminine reminds us to come back to the knowing that we all come from the same place. Each of us begins life in the womb of a Mother. More compassion, empathy, and heart centered living is needed in the collective now. A human existence is extraordinary, one that is full of birth and death, equal in felt astonishment, pleasure, and pain. We get to live one life in this body. To study and nurture your human experience and how you share this with others is to fully live. Understanding that you can do this and thrive, connected, joyful, inspired, and sensually intelligent, is the one of the many intentions of this training experience.

The Concept


Study on your own timeline. Choose the modules that fit best with your schedule.

You do not have to have a 200 hr yoga certificate to take this 300 hr course or any of it’s modules.


All modules will list prerequisites if applicable. Some of the 300 hr modules that are focused on yoga may have prerequisites that can be found under our 200 hr yoga foundations program. You can choose to take modules from both the 200 & 300 hr courses simultaneously should you desire to study content from both.


If you’d like to receive certification for completion of the House of AUM School of Wild Wisdom 300 hr program, make sure you complete the modules marked *touchstone course*. These experiences will count for (168 hours) of mandatory modules. You must complete all 300 hrs within three years of your starting date.


New workshops will be released seasonally. Fifteen hours must come from attending any House of AUM yoga classes and fifteen hours from attending any new or full moon circles in your area or at AUM. There will be a form for you to turn in that will list all dates and signatures from the instructor or guide for these classes. We will email you the form upon registration of your first 300 hr course. In addition, before receiving your certificate, you must lead a public circle/workshop of your choosing at House of AUM. 


Most modules will be offered two-three times per calendar year beginning in August 2021. Students who choose this path will be prepared to lead others in sacred circles and rituals.  Each module lists how many hours are bankable towards your certificate and is individually priced for easy registration. Class sizes are small and led by guides and teachers that have been studying this path for many years. All walks of life are welcome in our sacred space of learning. Please show up with an open heart and mind and with an intention to lean into the vulnerable parts of you, your guide will meet you where you are at always. 

School of Wild Wisdom 300 hour Certification Summary:

Touchstone module hours: 168

Elective module hours: 100

Yoga Classes: 15 hrs

New & Full Moon Circles: 15 hrs

Public Offering: 2 - 3 hrs

Required Touchstone Modules for 300 hr Certification Include


Wheel of The Year Parts 1 - 5 (15 hrs)

Wheel of Astrology Parts 1 - 4 (12 hrs)

Demystifying The Moon (3 hrs)

Elemental Wisdom (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Ether) (15 hrs)

Embodying The Triple Goddess (The Child, Maiden, Mother, Crone) (12 hrs)

Nature’s Sacred Holidays Parts 1 - 4 (12 hrs)

Sacred Touch ~ Healing Hands On (5 hrs)

Solar Power ~ Harness the Vital Sun (3 hrs)

A Yoga Training for Ritual & Circle Work (40 hrs) 

(Note: a previously acquired 200 hr yoga certification can be substituted for this training or you may choose up to 40 hrs of electives from the School of Wild Wisdom 200 or 300 hr curriculum)

Crafting a Sacred Circle (2 hrs)

Moon Magick & Manifestation (3 hrs)

Chakra Immersion Parts 1 - 7 (21 hrs)

Seasonal Creative Arts for Circle Work Parts 1 - 4 (16 hrs)

Boundaries & Protection for Empaths (3 hrs)

Herbs & Conscious Consuming (3 hrs)

Death Positive & Honoring Grief (3 hrs)



Option 1: Pay In Full

House of AUM School of Wild Wisdom 300 hr Certificate


$1000 deposit due by July 15th, 2021

Remaining balance due September 15th, 2021

Save hundreds of dollars by paying for your certificate in advance versus paying by module. This includes the 168 hours of mandatory touchstone courses, 100 hours of elective workshops, fifteen yoga classes,  and fifteen hours of moon circles. 

Option 2: Pay by Module

Each module is individually priced for a “pay as you go” convenience. No deposit due. 

Register for individual touchstone modules here

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