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300 Hour Self-Mastery Training Program

This is the pinnacle of all our AUM training experiences, a TWO year program that includes unlimited in person and online yoga classes and also, twenty two additional training modules offered one to two times per month. This experience is for anyone that desires to fully immerse themselves in yogic, spiritual, and metaphysical studies to grow their self awareness and consciousness to a level of self mastery. Our time together will have you exploring the depths of your soul and your connection to the sacred life around you. 

3 Spots Remain!

317 In-Studio Training Hours + Individual Soul Work

Paid in Full:
300+ hrs, 22 Module Training $4400

Two Year 22 Module Payment Plan:
$200 non refundable deposit +$198/month for 24 months

Enrollment includes an unlimited in-studio and online membership for 2024 & 2025!

Registration closes December 15th, 2023


There are twenty two modules in this extensive training. Each module topic will be broken down and studied with a spiritual lens. Over the course of twenty four months, we’ll also explore the anatomy and physiology surrounding each of the chakras, and learn the energetic resonances and how they correspond and show up in our lives. This will tie us into our individual life path. There will be an in depth study of YOU throughout your timeline. In support of conscious living, it is imperative and important to look back and remember what has informed the present quality of time, where we are as a collective, and where you are right now in this time of your life. These reflections and reclamations will provide unlimited fruit for introspection and deep healing. The education you will receive will be intellectual and spiritual, with a primary focus on individual healing and growth, aiding in self mastery and the irrefutable knowledge and wisdom one gains from a learning endeavor such as this. This experience could alter your reality and will most certainly level up your awareness of yourSelf and your place in the Circle of Life. Seekers are and always have been welcome here. This is the vital lifeline of our studio and what we experience and offer to others. House of AUM is a sacred space to peel back the layers and explore parts of you that are often hard to access in this, at times, fast paced, disconnected world we live in. This training is open to all. You don’t have to be an advanced yoga student or a 200 hr graduate of the Awaken the Guide Within program to study with us in this capacity. There are no prerequisites other than being ready to fully immerse yourself in all things mentioned and more. This self mastery course includes yoga, hiking, dance, meditation, envisioning, creative writing, art, nature, spirituality, metaphysics, ancestry, anatomy, physiology, astronomy, astrology, shadow work, and light work.

The Schedule


Module One: January 20th and 21st

Module Two: February 17th and 18th

Module Three: March 16th and 17th

Module Four: April 13th and 21st

Module Five: May 11th and June 16th

Module Six: July 13th and August 24th

Module Seven: August 25th

Module Eight: September 15th

Module Nine: October 5th and 6th

Module Ten: November 2nd and 3rd

Module Eleven: December 7th and 8th


Module Twelve: January 18th and 19th

Module Thirteen: February 15th and 16th

Module Fourteen: March 1st and 2nd

Module Fifteen: April 12th

Module Sixteen: May 3rd and 4th

Module Seventeen: June 8th and July 12th

Module Eighteen: August 23rd and 24th

Module Nineteen: September 21st

Module Twenty: October 4th and 5th

Module Twenty One: November 8th and 9th

Module Twenty Two: December 6th and 7th

Each Module is held on Saturday and/or Sunday from 10:30am - 6:30pm

Please note, some modules will also be offered as individual training immersions. They will be listed under “Workshops” about a month prior to their date. It is our hope that there will be a solid group of students taking all twenty two modules with drop in students who have chosen individual modules over the experience in its entirety. Modules will be individually priced for those students dropping in. 


Also, please be aware that due to the unpredictability of life, the dates and times could be subject to change. It is never our intention to reschedule things but will do so in the event that we have limited choice. This goes for the student too, if you cannot make a module, we will do all that we can to get you the material that you missed. It is not a deal breaker if you absolutely cannot make it to one of our training days in person. Again, not ideal but we can work with what is thrown at us. 


There will be no refunds given once the training has started. Canceling registration 30 days prior to the start of training will incur a 20% processing fee before being refunded. All modules will be capped off at twelve students. Register by paying in full or secure your space with a $200 deposit. 


Guided by Melissa Herzog, AUM Creatrix and Lead Trainer, dedicated to the mission of holding space for others to heal, study, and grow for over a decade. 


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to talk about this immersion training experience, please e-mail us at

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