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This training and mentorship program is meant to support you in acquiring the tools and skills you’ll need to be able to effectively, lovingly, and strategically lead others is a sacred circle experience. A really great circle is crafted in a sanctified, honorable, and healing way. It has a lot of heart in it. It’s a safe space for soulful connections, deep wisdom and the passing of knowledge from many individuals on their journey to another. We come together to listen and witness each other. There’s elements of mystery and magic to every circle, you can never fully know what’s going to be revealed. What happens to turn up, spill out, weave, plant, release depends on the theme, timing, and people who show up. You'll learn how to gracefully navigate through the stages of holding the space from beginning to end. 

This Training Is For You If…

You are called to support others in a spiritual, healing, heart centered way


You possess the ability to listen to others deeply

You aren’t afraid of the very vulnerable human emotions like grief, pain, suffering, shame, and guilt


You strive to live in non-judgment of others

You are a vivacious student of life, interested in learning new and old ways to elevate your mental, physical, and spiritual health

What You’ll Learn

Creation of the container, set up, agreements, timing, and tools

The arc and flow of the stages of circle work

 Cardinal Directions, Moon & Sun cycles, and the (8) Sabbats in the Wheel of The Year

How to pick a theme and artistically weave it into the circle

The Schedule

(short 30 min break included, please pack light snacks)


Wednesday, June 19th 11 am - 4 pm 

Wednesday, July 10th 11 am - 4 pm

Wednesday, July 31st 11 am - 4 pm


In addition each student will receive a (60) min one-on-one mentorship to assist in crafting their  own unique circle. Appointment times will take place outside of our training hours and will be set up based on each student’s availability.


Space is limited to 13 students


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