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Yoga Child's Pose

Our Teachers



Yoga with Sarah means finding joy in your movements, and music in your breath. Sarah's classes are inviting to all. She guides students through creative visualization and meditations, as well as mudras and breath work. Her classes are wholesome and edgy all at the same time, just like Sarah herself. She has this uncanny way of bringing out the absolute best in anyone she spends time with.  You're sure to leave Sarah's classes feeling nurtured and inspired.



Just like Liz, her classes are playful, insightful and fun. She will guide you through a series of poses and breathwork designed to help balance and support healthy nervous system. Using a fun playlist, thoughtful sequencing,  and a stress relieving environment, Liz will lead her classes to their strength and guide them deeper. Utilize your time with with Liz, to clear your thoughts and get into the body; leaving your mat feeling grounded and joyful.



Marie teaches yoga with empathy and humor, and loves to see her students open up to the grace, ease, thrill and wonder of their expanded physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. A long time yoga practitioner, Marie weaves multiple yoga emphases into each class.



Entrepreneur, mother, wife, and friend- Kay has taken her years of experience and knowledge in all things holistic healing and visits from Columbus, Ohio to offer up her magic to the Yellow Springs Village. Kay received her formal yoga teaching training certificate through AUM in 2020 and continues to be a vital part of our community and growth. She travels the world to expand upon her education, exploring the path of spiritual health and wellness- her intrinsic beauty shines when she is supporting others on their journey as well.



Lauren guides students as a practice for mapping sovereignty in the body. Her classes braid breath, physical movement, and mindfulness- focused on Katonah Yoga inspired theology of integrating our lunar, solar, and stellar energies to find organization and trust in ourselves. The physical experience crafted will be appropriately challenging and insightful while Lauren’s empathic nature rounds out your time in class.



Yoga with Melissa is centered around the Wheel of the Year. The elements of each class (movement, breathwork, mudra, and intention) go along with the current Season and Moon Cycle. Each class will be balanced to give the student a deep sense of harmony and gratitude for all the gifts of a physical practice. We’ll work with the Chakras as well as the Astrology of the current time bringing in subtle alignment with Nature through the practice of Yoga. 

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