Hatha Yoga (60 mins) $15

During this class, time on the mat will be spent in support of understanding the sacred energies within you. Harmonious sequencing from head to toe includes postures, pranayama, and mudra to promote chakra-balance and whole body alignment. 


Mystic Movement (60 mins) $15

Astrological journal prompting, oracle & tarot guidance, and insight from tapping into spirit aren’t just tools for the big planetary events- add Monday evenings to your medicine bag as your explore a slow vinyasa practice with all the influence of the mystical, holistic practices that help attune to nature and goddess embodiment. 

What to bring: a journal and pen. 


Restorative Yoga (60 mins) $15

Invite calm and recovery into your body by ending the day with supportive Yin postures and guided meditation. You’ll create the container for a relaxing headspace when you carve out time for yourself and release tension from the day- become your own best medicine. 

Mixed Yoga Flow (60 mins) $15

In this experience you can expect a combination of slow, grounding posture work leading into a gentle flow of classic vinyasa shapes and sequences. This is not a hot practice but you may sweat.


Hot Power Vinyasa (60 mins) $15

Stoke the internal fires with invigorating self-exploration. This strong flow sequence links breath to movement while building heat in a sweaty, creative practice to create stability and explore the insights that come to fruition when you choose to challenge yourself in your mind and physical body. There are cued options for inversions, backbends, and arm balances- but you know your body best and it’s never required to participate.


Slow Flow Vinyasa (60 min) $15

Invoke grace in this soothing vinyasa sequence that targets tight areas that tend to hold stress and discomfort. Focused on the ebb and flow of our natural rhythms, slow flow vinyasa emphasizes the fluidity of savoring sensations in the body and breath, creating engerzied focus. 

Skills (75 min) $15

A 75 min class focused on exploring the different variations of Yoga poses in a way that supplements and supports your regular practice. An open, friendly environment to explore the best variation of the Yoga Asana poses for YOUR anatomy- beginners and experienced practitioners alike. We’ll work together to make Yoga feel the best in your individual body. Empowering, educational, and FUN!

Candlelight Rest & Restore (60 min) $15

A healing experience where you are given the opportunity to just rest, breathe, and be. We'll explore restorative and restful postures where the body doesn't have to make a ton of effort. Instead you are asked to just receive, untethering the body from stress, pressure, and the need to "have to do anything". The room will be warm, candlelit, with mellow music and aromatherapy.