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This experiential training is for the heart led spiritual seeker that can’t ignore the whispers of the soul to dive deeper. It doesn’t matter if you are new to yoga or a veteran on the mat, this training will satisfy and empower your desires to practice more yoga, grow spiritually, study the self, and connect in an effort to share this practice with others. This training is also excellent for students who wish to have an in-depth study of yoga but do not wish to teach others.


"Then, the inner consciousness is revealed, we come to know the true Self, and our obstacles are reduced." - (Yoga Sutra Chapter I v.29)

The Schedule

January - October 2025 

Saturday 10:30 am - 5:30 pm

 Sunday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm


January 25th & 26th

February 22nd & 23rd

March 15th & 16th

April 5th & 6th

May 10th & 11th

June 28th & 29th

July 19th & 20th

August 9th & 10th

September 13th & 14th

October 18th & 19th (final weekend)


Students Will Learn...

Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga:

How to effectively sequence a class in a multitude of ways, creating a balanced and empowering experience for your own practice and for others.

Deep Stretch/ Restorative Yoga:

How to guide others in creating prop supported poses within their bodies in an effort to reduce stress, increasing their ability to relax, explore, and relieve tension. 

The History of Yoga and Yoga Philosophy:

Honoring those that came before us to create and pass down the sacred work, exploring where yoga came from and how it has evolved over time.

Meditation and Breathwork:

Basic strategies for your practice as well as how to guide others in focusing and observing the mind and the power of the breath. Expect meditative walking in Glen Helen almost every time we meet. 


Physical Adjustments:

How to safely give hands on adjustments to enhance a student's experience. 

Anatomy and Physiology:

The basics of both in an effort to understand what is taking place in one’s body while practicing yoga.


An Introduction to the Chakra System:

What it is and how we can use this system to facilitate healing and a deeper understanding of our body and journey. 

The Sun and Moon Phases & Gaia's Wheel of The Year

How to align with nature and use ancient rituals for self-study and healing. 

Circle Work:

The sacred container facilitates deeper understandings of each other and ultimately works to provide clarity and perspective for our journey through daily life. We’ll learn how to lead and facilitate a circle experience for others. 

Creative Artistic Expression:

Storytelling, oracle and symbology, mandalas, and more.


Basic Astrology:

The Big Three of your natal chart and how to use astrology to enhance your yoga practice. 

Business of Yoga:

What it means to be an independent contractor, create class and workshop content, write a bio, teach branding, and more. 


The program can be paid in full or with a payment plan. All payment plans can be tailored to fit your budget. If choosing the payment plan option, a deposit of $800 is due upon registration (tailored payment plan details/schedule will be agreed upon and made at a later time). All payment plan schedules must be made to be fully paid off by Sept 1st, 2025.


Pay in full price is $3600 or

$3800 with a payment plan




Note:  A course workbook will be included in the training. There will be a short book and supply list that is mandatory (approximately $65 investment). In addition to completing all required weekends, students must attend 30 independent yoga classes and complete 20 hours of self-study. Students of this program will receive an unlimited yoga pass to House of AUM for the duration of our time together. 

Also, please be aware that due to the unpredictability of life, the dates and times could be subject to change. It is never our intention to reschedule things but life happens, we appreciate your flexibility and grace in during these times. 


If you need to cancel your registration, there will be a full refund given less 20% if you provide a 60 day (or more) notice. If after 60 days, a refund will be given less 30% of the total paid. There will be no refunds given once this training has begun- however, you can transfer the funds for other AUM classes and programs.


For additional information please e-mail to set up an appointment with Melissa.  

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