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Experiential Trainings at House of AUM

All programs have been developed and are led by Melissa Herzog, AUM Creatrix and 500 Hour RYT

Melissa is highly invested in developing students who desire to awake to their own “inner guide” through yoga as well as in-depth self study and a commitment to healing. Melissa is deeply influenced by nature spirituality and the divine feminine. It is important to note that spirituality and nature are major components of all of our yoga training. As House of AUM’s Creatrix, she is committed to seeking out and holding space for those sharing and living their personal truth, those that are on a path that will ultimately serve in raising the vibration of the collective consciousness. She developed these programs as a beautiful and divine exploration of what it means to be awake and embodied in the deep knowing that we were born at this time for a reason. May we all rise and heal, so that we can truly live in alignment with our brilliant heart and its infinite capacity to love.  


“Melissa’s teaching gives a nod to the primal feminine in us all. Her offerings combine organic movement with creative work in a way that makes her students reconsider their old and outmoded patterns, coming home to themselves at long last through writing, sharing, dancing, and ceremony. In short, the world needs more teachers like Melissa, who inspire both positive social change as well an embrace of what is at once ancient and sacred.” -Danielle Dulsky

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