Wild & Awake

Yoga Student Course

In these seasonal weekend courses, we’ll explore, practice, and break down the philosophy and yoga postures (asana) that align with wild nature. Melissa will explain how the cycles of the moon and sun align with your body naturally when the Wheel of the Year is your guide. Learn what chakras, directions, and elements are present in each season and how rhythmically setting your body tone to the universe can enhance your asana practice and your life.

A total of 56 hrs in person training.

Choose the Full Immersion course option or take it in parts. 


Wild Intuition Weekend

~ Advanced Student Training 14 hrs  ~

Saturday & Sunday / January 30th & 31st 10:30 am - 6 pm (30 minute snack break each day)

During our weekend together we will prep for the turning of the season ~  from Winter we transition into Spring. Learn what this means as it relates to yoga and a nature spirituality practice. We’ll begin to plant the seeds required to grow a disciplined yoga practice aligned with the Wheel of the Year. In addition, we’ll focus on the physical movements of the sacral, throat, and third eye chakra. We’ll explore hip openers, backbends, mantra, and meditation amongst other things. 


Spring Wonderment Weekend

~ Advanced Student Training 14 hrs ~

Saturday & Sunday / March 20th & 21st 10:30 am - 6 pm (30 min break) 

On this Spring Equinox weekend, we will gather to study the nature spirituality aspects of this time of the year. We will learn how storytelling can connect us to past parts of ourselves that inform our everyday health and wellbeing. In addition, we’ll focus on the physical movements of the root, sacral, and throat chakras. We’ll explore standing postures as well as balancing and grounding practices to support you as we continue our journey together.


Summer Radiance Weekend 

~ Advanced Student Training 14 hrs ~

Saturday & Sunday / June 12th & 13th 10:30 am - 6 pm (30 min break) 

During our weekend together, we will prep for the brightest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. We’ll study the nature spirituality aspects of the Sun, including yang yoga and empowered movement through reclamation of your personal power and sacred intelligence. We’ll practice and break down postures aligned with the solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye chakras. Expect powerful posture work including an extended standing series balanced with a longer deep stretch. 


Autumn Release Weekend  

~ Advanced Student Training 14 hrs ~

Saturday & Sunday / September 11th & 12th 10:30 am - 6 pm (30 min break) 

During our weekend together, we’ll prep for the Autumn Equinox. We’ll talk about grief and gratitude and what it means to heal through storytelling and mirroring deep listening. Our time together as always will be intentional and thought provoking. The physical movements we’ll study this weekend will be centered around the heart, root, sacral, and throat chakras. We’ll start to slow things down yin style, exploring deep stretch and restorative yoga, drawing our energy even more inward as we prepare to shift with the decreasing sun, the increasing moon, and the changing of the season. 


Winter Wisdom Weekend

~ Advanced Student Training 14 hrs ~

Saturday & Sunday / November 20th & 21st 10:30 am - 6 pm ( 30 min break) 

Following the rhythm of Nature, we’ll explore what it means to come home to the dark and light parts of ourselves. More Moon time means more introspection. It’s the most fascinating, sacred time in the Wheel of the Year. We’ll study the crown, third eye, throat, and heart chakras. This Winter will be unlike any other. Your disciplined study of Self will bear so much fruit; giving you plenty to practice, digest, and integrate as we move into increased darkness and more Moon time.


This course is offered as a five part immersion experience, choose to dive into all five or join a season as you desire. Full Immersion (54 in person hrs) / Solo weekend Immersion (14 hrs). 


In all cases, please bring a mat, blanket, refillable water bottle, light snacks, notebook and pen.


This course is great for anyone who has taken Melissa’s vinyasa & power vinyasa classes, AUM’s 200 hr YTT, Wild & Awake Full Circle training, or any student who enjoys deeply studying the divine connection ~ that is the body as nature.


Exchange: Full Immersion $1600 or/ Seasonal Immersion $444 each. 


Space limited to 10 students. Masks must be worn while moving about the space. Students will be six feet apart on their mats to practice and learn and in this case, masks can be removed if desired. 


In the event of a gov't mandated closure, this course will take place via Zoom. A minimum of (4) students must be registered by January 11th. Early enrollment to claim your spot is always appreciated. 


About your guide:


Melissa Herzog

Melissa is Creatrix of House of AUM in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

She is an empowered business woman that has been guiding her own ship for thirteen years.

She's dedicated her life to guiding others in full body expression, standing in their truth and personal power.

Melissa has studied and trained extensively over the last ten years, completing nearly 800 hours of training in yoga, nature spirituality, reiki, and women’s circle work.

All of the soul diving, deeply feminine, spiritual work she has done up to this point, has led her to create this artful expression of her work. Wild & Awake and her Wheel of the Year guidance is born from all of the eclectic practices she loves to practice and teach.

She invites all lovers of the mystical moon, nature spirituality, and empowered yoga to this course experience.

Course Registration

Awaken The Guide Within

200 Hour

Yoga Teacher Training

Uncover Your Teaching Voice, Deepen Your Personal Practice, Connect Deeply With Others 

Located in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Awaken the Guide Within is the perfect balance between academic study, practical application and soul rich exploration. 

Over the course of our ten months together we will cover every element of relevant Yogic study, starting from the internal depths of the physical body and adventuring out into the start stuff of Soul. 

Each weekend will center on a theme of study and our time together will be utilized in practice, practice teaching, group study, lecture, and sharing. 

Some weekends will also allow for nature bathing and outdoor experiences. 


Together we will study:

Prana & Pranayama: 

The beginning of it all. In our first weekend we will learn the art of flow and tempo guided by breath. We will also learn key Yogic phrases and terms in order to better educate ourselves. Our studies will include the Yoga wheel and the beginnings of the Yamas & Niyamas. This weekend lays the foundation for our time together.


Anatomy I

Bones, Joints, and Yin. This weekend will explore the skeleton, and as one of our key textbooks puts it, “enough anatomy.” We will look at bone variations and the important, subtle, and not so subtle differences between human bodies. 


Anatomy II

Muscles, Movement, and Sequencing. It happens quickly when we study in this way; this weekend will cover a little more anatomy and really focus our time on Yang energy, expect to move and and be moved. 


Deep Anatomy: 

Organs, Connective Tissue, and Glands. This weekend will focus on the unseen benefits of Yogic practices. Here we unpack the fuller dimensions of what it means to be human and why some Yogic experiences go so deep. 


Subtle Anatomy:

 This weekend is dedicated to the unseen energies at play. We look at Kundalini practices and our auric field, what the Koshas are and how our choices and lifestyle impact our energy and our energetic field. We will discuss polarity and what it means to be balanced in energy and effort. 


 History & Philosophy:

This weekend is committed to understanding the roots of Yoga, where it came from and where it’s going. Understanding the fundamental purposes of the vast styles in Yoga over time. 


Lineage and Cues:

Our time will be spent tracing the lineage of modern Yoga, who’s who in Yoga over time and what brilliance they brought forth through their teaching. This weekend will address the scandals and issues within the Yoga industry and our responsibilities as teachers. 


Yoga Professionalism and Habits:

This weekend will help shape up your personal teaching style; your goals and ambitions. We will work together to build a relevant bio and prepare for your life as a teacher. Our time will include the business of Yoga and how to create awesome habits to build a thriving career.


Nature Spirituality and The Wheel of the Year:

This weekend addresses the rhythm of life and how aligning our lifestyle and practices can enhance our experiences in relationships and the world. 


Community and Impact:

Our final weekend finds us in celebration and practice. This weekend is full of your teachbacks, shared meals and community. 



Our asana studies will cover everything from Vinyasa to Hatha, Yin, and Kundalini.

This course is designed to address all of the major themes of Yoga as a primer, and to comprehensively train you to teach, authentic, well faceted, well informed Yoga classes.


You may be led to deeper studies might lead our students to further training during and after this initial 200 hour program. 

The practical side of this training is met with soulful, spiritual explorations; we will use oracle cards, make beautiful centerpieces and set a nurturing, soulful tone, facilitating healing & personal growth as well as learning to guide others in the practice of yoga.

It doesn't matter if you've been practicing for three months or three years, this skillfully guided teacher training will have you searching the depths of your soul, uncovering your true essence, tapping into your personal power & connecting to your truth; deeply inspiring you to share the practice of yoga with others in your own authentic way.

TIME: Saturday 10:30 am - 5:30 pm & Sunday 10:30 am - 5:30 pm



April 10th & 11th

May 15th & 16th

June 19th & 20th

July 10th & 11th

August 14th & 15th

September 18th & 19th

October 16th & 17th

November 13th & 14th

December 18th & 19th

January 15th & 16th

Total Cost is $3000 (Paid in Full)

Payment Plan Option: $500 deposit, $2700 payment plan, $3200 total (to be paid off by October 31st, 2021, all payment plans can be co-created to fit your financial needs).

(Upon starting the program,and for the duration of the program, all students will have access to 50% off a class pass) 

If you are not a student at House of AUM, there is a brief, informal interview process you must complete before acceptance into the program.


Lead Instructor: Tara Powers, E-RYT 500 with supplementary instruction tba

Tara Powers

Tara has been working with all things craft and energy for as long as she can remember. Her teens on Long Island, were full of uncommon influences and experiences, showing her a version of life which was inspired, free, full of love, intention, and possibility.

This positive influence led Tara to study and practice Yoga.


Since 1997 Tara has been steeped in the multi faceted art of self study, which IS the purpose of Yoga. Her studies have found her in workshop and training with a broad spectrum of teachers all over the map in style and technique.


Cutting through the modern distractions the popular industry has been selling, Tara brings course work back to its roots. 

Holding an E-RYT 500 designation with Yoga Alliance, but more remarkably, having authored the only State Licensed Yoga Teacher Training program in Ohio, Tara aims to reexamine and mend some of the wayward practices of the industry around Yoga which has diluted and commodified the transformative, beautiful Soul and culture of Yoga. 

Polarity and the art of relationship drives Tara's work as she crafts course work which brings us again and again to the center.

Meet her there.

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