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Longing to explore the deepest parts of herself, the primal urge within became too much. 

“Run with the women”, she heard, “Feast with the women”, she longed. Breaking out of the confines of her own mind, she saw a gathering where there was no shame, a place where the women celebrated their pain. They danced, they sang, they played, and they drank. 

They embraced it all. They embodied their gifts. They witnessed each other and it was glorious.

Raw love, pure creation. They were reclaiming their lost freedom.

Guided by Her intuition and initiated by Her own free will, She hesitated no longer, 

She went, She became, She too reclaimed, Her free nature, Her feminine force, 

Her Wild Woman within.

nicole leone miller photography-68.jpg

This is a retreat for women. It is an invitation to commune on the beaches of Lake Superior, taking in the breathtaking beauty of wild Nature; remembering, reclaiming, and embracing the strength and power of sacred femininity. 

Each day and night will hold experiences of ecstasy, adventure, pleasure, and play. Simple and fun rituals of studying one’s relationship to the Wild Woman and Lilith archetypes within will be executed and celebrated. Lilith is an inner representation of our shameless desire to fully embody the most sensual, creative, powerful, independent, and beautiful aspects of who we uniquely are as women untamed.

Expanding on that, the Wild Woman archetype within courageously embodies a life that is all her own. She’s sovereign, in her power, and not afraid to walk her path alone. Each of these powerful feminine forces lives within every woman. Embracing them is a conscious act of rebellion and reclamation in a world that has diminished and demonized their existence for far too long. The embodiment of them within you creates an oppositional force against the harsh and dehumanizing culture that shames women for their innate power and gifts. When a woman bravely steps into the fullness of who she is, stripped from who the world tells her to be, she’s free from oppression, manipulation, and all subtle and gross attempts to keep her quiet and conformed, she becomes a powerful force of Nature. This retreat experience will strengthen the parts of you that know this to be true. 


Upon arrival, we’ll settle into our exceptional accommodations, the homebase of our experience, Pinewood lodge. Located roughly ten hours from Yellow Springs, Ohio and just east of Marquette on a private beach on the shores of the biggest and wildest lake of them all, Lake Superior. We’ll take part in multiple daily movement rituals that will include yoga, breathwork, walking meditations, swimming, dancing, kayaking and hiking. We’ll cold dip in the pristine Lake and sit in the hot sauna as part of our retreat self care routine. Our daily nourishment will be exceptional, clean, and revitalizing. During our time together, we’ll explore the area through kayaking, hiking, and adventuring into Marquette and Munising. We’ll visit a hidden beach near Little Presque Isle, sit on the Black Rocks, and support the local small business community by visiting the shops, brewery, coffee shops, and restaurants. Each adventure will be followed by nesting, relaxation, and play back at the lodge where we will enjoy fireside conversations, laughter, and spirit. 

Led by Melissa Herzog and supported by a team of other powerful and highly skilled women, this retreat is for the open minded, heart centered, spirited woman who longs to nourish herself in the company of other wild women. We'll explore together, what it feels like to be fully embodied, strong, resourced, unencumbered, sensual, and free. Please note: Due to the nature of this intimate retreat, if you are new to our community, there will be a simple process to ensure your intentions. Upon clarifying your identity, your spot will be approved through email or you will receive a refund immediately. 





Solo Room:

 $3200 Paid In Full

Shared Room:

$2700 Paid in Full.

Optional Retreat Enhancements

A Wild Feminine Photo Shoot with Nicole Miller:

Nicole is an incredible artist and photographer who

we have enjoyed making art with time and time again.

She is the steward of the historical house and event

venue, Miller Manor, located in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Her sessions cost $850 normally. For this experience,

she is offering all participants exclusive retreat pricing

of $300.  

Myofascial Release Therapy with expert therapists Julie Pies & Patti Mielziner:

Visit their incredible retreat haven just miles from our lodge for an individual treatment. Retreat pricing will be announced soon. Sign up for appointments will open sixty days prior to the retreat arrival date.


An itinerary, packing list, and more will be provided thirty to fourteen days prior to our retreat arrival. Absolutely no refunds, you can however transfer your spot to a friend.


For all inquiries, please e-mail us at

The deadline to register for this retreat is May 5th, 2024.


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