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The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Great Mother trusts the cycles and knows that there has to be a time where we stop producing so that all may rest, replenish, integrate and recover. This is Nature in balance.

In addition, on the feminine, spiritual path, in Winter, we connect to the archetype of the Crone. It’s about getting super clear on what boundaries need to be drawn so that we may reclaim this time for ourselves. It’s a potent time to come within, a time to do magic, and a time to unapologetically claim our right to rest and receive. The cold, dark days and nights lend to spiritual nourishment. When we take the time to slow down, process, and clear out unwanted, negative, outdated things from our life we tend to our internal and external world. We’re not meant to keep holding, gathering, and producing. We have to let go. We must release the need to keep constantly doing for others and instead surrender to the beauty of self care, the kind that asks us to be still, quiet, and thoughtful of our time and energy. In this place, we are in deep communion with Spirit, ancestors, and the guide within. This is one of the most powerful (and wonderful) times in the Wheel of the Year.

What if this year you reclaimed your right to rest?

What if this year instead of thinking and repeating the same thoughts that Winter is miserable, you instead embraced it?

What if you created new thought patterns and kicked seasonal depression to the curb, and instead focused on your physical and mental health in new, never before tried ways?

What if you practiced not over-scheduling yourself or saying “yes” to the things, experiences, and people you know in your bones you want to say “no” to?

What if?

I invite you to do it differently this year. Claim this sacred time of Winter as your birthright. Make space, forgive, purge, release, heal, integrate and celebrate. Your intuition will serve you best when you cut the cords and free yourself from the “have to” and anything else out of alignment with where you are on your healing, spiritual path. In the quiet, cold, stillness of Winter, the release will come but not if we are all jammed up with other people’s drama, expectations, energetic drains, beliefs, and more. The era of operating from a place of guilt and shame is what needs to die, not your untamed, natural Spirit. The part of you that cycles and knows deep within your bones that Winter is so sacred.

So clear your calendar, gather your comfort tools, and descend into the darkness with curiosity, excitement, and pleasure this year. The Sun will inevitably return and it will once again be time to act, expand, and grow. But for now, for just this Season, set your intentions to rest and receive. Have a wonderful time in the in between.

~ Melissa

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