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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Exercise and rest are the keys to vibrant health

Feel your heart racing against your chest, feel the slow, steady surrender of your pulse as you ease your way down from an intense workout. The surge of hormones and the flood of blood through our bodies is nothing short of euphoric, it’s magic.

Exercise in any form is a necessary component for a vibrant and healthy life. Most of us have experienced phases of sedentary life, whether it be from the “too busy”

schedule, to lifestyle changes, to family conditions, injury, depression, etc. It happens to most of us, we lose the urge or forget to MOVE. Our bodies are designed for it, we are meant to be active creatures and yet our modern lifestyles have “convenienced” and scheduled our truest nature out of our daily existence, the results are tragic.

The longer we stay sedentary the harder it is to get motivated to move, in some regards we feel like we’re dying, we’re not. Our bodies crave and need movement, we need to sweat, we need to breathe heavy, we need to get our hearts pumping hard, we need our muscles to get a surge of blood & oxygen, we need our bones and joints to experience doses of stress. This is not something reserved for athletes, this is not something relegated to “fit people” exercise is for EVERYONE and shame on the fitness industry for shaming you out of your true nature.

It goes too far. There is an ugly side to this. This piece of our culture and this industry that shames you counts on your inability to see your own beauty and strength. AUM is ready to stand up for you and with you. Because while you are absolutely meant to work your body into a froth, you are absolutely meant to push your edges you are also meant to rest and you are meant to do these things for your health NOT someone else’s approval. Not for some arbitrary number on the scale, not to keep up with the stream of Instagram celebrities, not to change a damn thing about how you look. Exercise and rest are there for you to feel ALIVE!

Yoga and fitness on a whole are there to guide you into your most full experience in this life. Our community at House of AUM is supportive and inclusive; we are here to meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be. Most importantly, we are here to help you enjoy the journey, to experience your vibrancy in real time. This life is NOT a destination, it is a series of experiences meant to be fully realized in the very moment they happen. Exercise has this uncanny way of getting us out of our mind-scape and into our bodies, into the moment, into the flow state, this. is. bliss.

Let it happen.

Move your body! Today’s practice is to move and then truly rest. Move yourself to the point of full exertion and then feel the ease of complete relaxation. This is the essence of yoga; whether you practice the asana or not. The union of opposites is the art of yoga, the word itself says so! These are not luxuries, these are necessities, love yourself so much that no matter what your body may look like, it deserves to FEEL good!

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