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Sacred Space

Your body is a portal to the most sacred of places. Yet, it can be hard to feel a deep connection with the earthly and spiritual world around you and within you when there exists little to no intimacy or real solid connection to your body. You could find yourself walking around and engaging with little to no awareness of how you actually feel in your body as you make your daily choices, creating the micro world around you. Your body is so intelligent that despite feeling a lack of connection with it, it will still carry you through life, one step at a time, one spoken word at a time. Life will continue to constantly move all around you. Conscious or not, you’re participating in this life each every moment you are awake and breathing. It’s pretty damn extraordinary when you think about it. You can choose (because we have this thing called free will) to engage fully with your whole body and heart with things or we can choose to just power through, making all the motions, placing little to no heart into any of it. You have the power and sovereignty over your body, heart, and mind to decide.

When you feel good, things feel easeful, you feel grateful. You feel like you have more to give. When you feel abundant, you feel generous, you feel deserving, you feel confident and secure. When you feel healthy in your mind and in your body, the peace that you feel informs your words and your actions and the decisions you make just flow. There’s no resistance, there's no confusion, there is no chaos or regret. You step into alignment. You step into a deep connection to the body as a sacred portal to the heart’s intelligence. It is your birthright to deeply feel. It’s a gift to really know yourself so intimately, so intricately. When you do so, you remember that it’s not meant to be so hard. That while you can do fast things, you also know that you can move slow. There’s no rush, there’s no grasping, there's no hustle. In this beautiful place of feeling centered, aligned, grateful, you arrive into the sacred flow of Life.

Journey with Melissa for a free fifteen minute guided meditation into the Sacred Space that is your body and heart.

Melissa- also known as Heart Led Lioness, and the Creatrix of House of AUM is leading two immersion experiences in Yellow Springs, Ohio in 2023. Journey with her online and in person.

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