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The Seven Axioms (Universal Truths)

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

In 2012 I was introduced to these principles during my first yoga facilitation training. I was in a troubling place in my own life, using the tools of yoga inconsistently as I navigated a host of contradictions in my life and my personal philosophy. One year into my experience as a mother of three, still adjusting to my new life in Ohio and I was feeling lost. The yoga training I was in was forcing me to confront myself and I was furious. It would take months and years more, but the seed these seven truths planted would grow into a foundation for a personal philosophy which would propel me into the life I’m building now. It’s far from perfect but it’s full of connection, joy and healing. I hope you will enjoy employing these concepts and yoga tools in your life to find for yourself the most supportive, potent relationships, and your most fulfilling experiences and a life built on healing and personal growth. Follow along as we unpack these magical notions in a series of inspired stories and practices. Welcome to AUM

  1. You are Exactly Where You Are Meant to be.

  2. Fear and Pain are Life’s Greatest t\Teachers

  3. Laughter and Play are the Keys to the Fountain of youth

  4. Exercise and Rest are the Keys to Vibrant Health

  5. Touch and Intimacy are Basic Human Needs

  6. Everything is Impermanent

  7. Everything is Connected

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