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The War on Love

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

You got hurt by another,

personal attacks always cause pain. Some things in life are guaranteed.

Ask yourself before you lash out at another person what you and your anger hope to get out of such a violent act.

Be honest.

You may be aware that you'll hurt the other person and maybe even yourself. You may choose not to care or you may not even consider it. There's barely time to think when we are volatile and reactive.

Give yourself some time.

Stop and think for a second, on a visceral level, how is that going to make you feel?

You might right away say, "good." It may even hype you up. You feel your blood pressure rise and your body gets warm.

How long do you think that's gonna last?

That feeling, "good" and/or " fired and wound up"?

Then what happens?

There's a likelihood that you'll add in even more "feels" to it.

That's more fuel for the fire.🔥

Now it's not likely to leave your consciousness or your body right away.

Why would it?

You were designed to release the stress hormone cortisol and hold muscle tension when you go into battle mode.

You'll continue to think about it and cycle it almost guaranteed. Your body will stay in this "fight" mode for who knows how long now. Your internal landscape is waging a war. Someone must lose. 💢💢💢

All of this could sound like a big drain and a huge waste. You quickly realize that being pricked by another and reacting violently could involve you having to do more damage control. You don't want the anger and violence to spill into more places after all. Why create more pain and suffering? You want it to stop.

Can we lay down our swords?

For the love of humanity, where does the root of the issue even lie to begin with?

You don't have to think long before it all gets boiled down to fear and a lack of feeling loved.




What if before we lashed out, we said something to ourselves like,

"I deserve better than this. My heart deserves something really sweet. This doesn't feel good. What do me and my heart deserve instead? What if I fought for love instead of hate, peace instead of violence?”.

What if we did that really sweet thing for our Self and nurtured our wounded heart instead of lashing out?

Call back your personal power and choose your battles wisely.

Stop the violence with thoughts of love. Choose not to complicate it. Don't allow yourself to get all fired up. Return to your heart center. Be free.

Keep opening up that space for love. Accept nothing less.

You deserve more. More love. More peace. More compassion.

We all do.

Loving you and me all(ways) ~


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