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The Luckiest Girl in The World

When I look at you I see so much 

I see the wear on your body, the endless hours you’ve given to your work to support yourself and others 

I see what it’s done to your hips and to your back

I see the weight you carry in your shoulders and how you long at times to put it all down and forget 

I see your breath short and in your chest,

how it’s easier sometimes to hold it than to let it go

I see how busy your mind is, so full, so overworked, so tired 

I see you processing old stories, remembering things you forgot,

longing to go back, reclaiming what’s been stolen, 

recalling the bliss filled times when you didn’t dwell on any of this dreadful stuff

I see your inner child, your tender side, and your resiliency

You’re a gift to witness, a treasure to behold, a sight so beautiful, I often hold back my tears

You see,

I value and am so deeply moved by our intimacy

What we share is rare and special 

Your presence humbles me, how you consistently show up

Your incredible strength blows me away

Mindfully listening,

attuning to every word,

rarely missing a beat

I watch you unravel yourself, construct and deconstruct, fall and rise 

Rest, rinse, repeat, master, fail, and try again

I show up because you do

Look at what we’ve built 

Look at what we have 

Look at what we’ve been able to accomplish individually and together

It’s really dreamy, deeply healing, incredibly healthy, and undeniably beautiful

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world watching us all grow

Thank you so much for everything you've given me!!


Happy Sag FULL Moon!! 

~ Melissa

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